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Padthaway School is a dynamic learning community empowering students to be learners for life. We are committed to providing a happy, secure and stimulating environment where all students are motivated and confident to reach their full potential and move confidently into the future. We aim to provide an educational programme that will develop in each student a passion and purpose for learning and a commitment to maximise their learning potential. We are distinguished by the quality of partnerships between students and staff and the involvement of the broader community.

The original school in the district was Yallamurray and moves were made to have a school built at Padthaway. The original Padthaway School was built in 1935 from stone quarried on land donated by Mrs Lucy Lawson. The school was built in six weekends by voluntary labour.

The first teacher was Miss Myra Peake. For the first term of 1935, Miss Peake taught classes in the shearers’ dining room at nearby Padthaway Homestead. Later in the year, Mrs Lawson opened the new school.
That original building was demolished when the grounds were extended and the current main school building was opened in 1973.

Facilities and communication advancements continue to develop to provide the best possible support for students’ growth and learning.

School Operations

Governing Council

The Governing Council is accountable for the governance of the school by ensuring that the school achieves its expectations through good management practices.

In practice the Governing body is responsible for:

  • Setting strategic goals
  • Determining School Policy
  • Delegating powers, and
  • Reviewing how well these goals are being achieved

The Principal manages the school within the local policy parameters set by the Governing body and the state wide policy parameters set by the Department for Education.

  • Providing and maintaining an overview
  • Developing and reviewing School Policy
  • Providing strategic direction and planning
  • Reviewing and monitoring progress
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