Position Name
PRINCIPAL Olivia English
CLASS TEACHERS Libby Thornton – Preschool
Hayley McCarthy – Preschool
Corinne Brookes –R/1/2
Ceri Edwards – 3/4
Ebony Capurso – 5/6/7
Hannah Clothier – Non Instructional Teacher
Sam Exton – 5/6/7
Sarah Hinge – NIT
SUPPORT STAFF Kirilie Turner – Finance and Administration Officer
Jesse Briggs – ICT Support
Byron Edwards – School Services Officer
Sandi Key – School Services Officer
Tammy Mathews – School Services Officer
Stephen Edwards – Support Worker
Sarah Hinge – NIT
Lisa Graetz – Pastoral Care Worker
Troy Mathews – Grounds Person
Staff member sitting down wearing a red jumper with his thumbs up
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